Born in Mississippi. Raised in Texas. At some point in my life, my dad had a mullet and my mom had a perm and I somehow managed to make it out without a tattoo of the Chevy logo.

Back in ’98, I migrated from Wichita Falls to Dallas so I could learn stuff at The Art Institute of Dallas. A couple of dot-com jobs, a layoff, and the September 11th attacks lead me to the Marine Reserves. My time in the Marine Corps allowed me to visit exotic faraway lands and, in the process, learn a great deal about myself and the human condition. I eventually made my way back home, bought a Harley, and went back to school to learn more stuff.

Nowadays you can find me in McKinney, Texas hanging with my beautiful wife and my little dudes. We’ve also got long-eared dogs and backyard chickens. I’m a self-proclaimed DIYer until I break something and have to call for backup.  I enjoy drawing with my boys, getting outside, and eating things that are bad for me.

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Growing up, I knew I would end up either an artist or a paleontologist. Life kinda works that way sometimes, ya know? I still kinda dig dinosaurs (get it?) and I definitely still draw/paint/craft/create but I’m neither a paleontologist or an artist. What I am is a Sr Designer at USAA where I’m currently working with the property and casualty team to design and build a new experience for our Homeowners Insurance customers. That involves a lot of things like research, sketching, testing, and even good ol’ user interface design. If you work in the Bay area you call it Product Design, but here in Tejas we call it UX Design. Titles are weird, but what matters is the work. 

In the past, I’ve done similar things with other big companies. I’ve learned a lot in the last few years, including how to get laughs out of stuffy business people. I don’t code, so don’t ask.  

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